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K.K.D.A. Studio Policies

Cancelation Policy:


Students that sign up for one-off drum lessons are required to give at least 24-hour notice of any lesson cancelations to avoid being charged for the lesson.  


Weekly students are able to cancel one of their scheduled drum lessons within each 4-lesson (one-month) package period, as long as the lesson is canceled with at least 24-hour notice of their scheduled lesson time. Canceled lessons can either be rescheduled for the same week, depending on Kirk's availability, or the credit of the canceled lesson can be applied to the following week's lesson. Any additional canceled lessons that fall within the monthly lesson package period that are not cancelled by Kirk, will result in the student being charged. Any lesson that is canceled by Kirk himself will not be counted against the student's monthly cancelation allowance, and will not result in the student being charged for the lesson. Additionally, the only exceptions made for weekly students to cancel several lessons within a monthly package period and retain credit for said lessons, will be if the student gives advanced notice of each cancelation date upon purchase of the lesson package, at the beginning of the 4-lesson period. As a substitution for any lesson cancelations in which the client is charged, the student can request a 10-minute video lesson from the instructor. Note that any late cancelation that is requested within 24-hour notice of the student's scheduled lesson time will result in the student being charged. In this case, a 10-minute video lesson can also be requested as a substitute for the late cancelation. 

Remote Video Lessons Requests:


For students that would like to request a remote online lesson rather than an in-person studio lesson, the student can do so with no additional charge. The student will be expected to give at least 24-hour notice before their scheduled lesson time in order to allow for the instructor to prepare the video lesson link.

Personal Conduct Policy:

It is Kirk's belief that all members of the K.K.D.A. community should be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness.  It is of the upmost importance that the culture of the studio remain focused on making all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, or religious affiliation, feel welcome in the academy. Kirk embraces the diversity that makes students, parents and all community members unique. He will not tolerate any language, behavior, or actions that can be seen as disparaging, hateful, disrespectful, or unnecessarily rude to any other members of the K.K.D.A. community or members of minority/disenfranchised groups. Kirk holds the right to break any business agreements established at any time if this personal conduct policy is not honored. K.K.D.A. will be a safe space for all parties involved. 

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