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Rose Tinted is the hip-hop project you didn't know you needed. The Portland-based group- featuring Kirk Kalbfleisch on drums, Celly on turntables, MLTZR on electronics, and Sam Arnold on bass- reproduces full band arrangements of classic hip-hop tracks. Rose Tinted live-samples beats, paying tribute to the classic boom-bap sound. The group brings great musicianship and creativity to your favorite DJ set, providing beat heads with a unique blend of nostalgia and experimental improvisation. If J. Dilla and Herbie Hancock were in a space ship together, Rose Tinted would be their cosmic beat tape!


Rose Tinted is coming off of their monthly residency called “The Artist Showcase Series," hosted at Holocene, and presented by XRAY.FM. Throughout their residency, the group made space to highlight and celebrate Portland’s finest around the hip-hop and beat-music scene. Rotating artists from PDX’s emcees, beat producers, and adjacent artists, the band curated a one-time showcase experience where the group could collaborate live with these amazing artists. The intention was to create a night of organic creation, where hip-hop enthusiasts and producers can come together to honor the culture. Throughout the series, the group featured artists including Epp, Milc, Calvin Valentine, Fountaine, Mal London, and Yuckgod. 

Kirk BW Rose Tinted.jpeg

Kirk Kalbfleisch: Drums

MLTZR: Electronics

Sam BW Rose Tinted_edited_edited.jpg

CELLY: Turntables

Sam Arnold:  Bass

XRAY interview on DJ Klyph's show, "Welcome to the Neighborhood"

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